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The story of 10 p

“Remember if you give some, you get some, you don’t give you don’t get” 

Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks is one of best trainers, I am following his YouTube channel for my home workout routine. He is used to motivating the trainees by this. I memorize this sentence by heart, I even repeat it to myself over and over with or without occasion 😉 . Apparently, this quote has a magic effect on me, it motivates me to give everything I am working on the best I can do.

19 Feb. 2016

After I finished my Friday class, (well, honestly! I left by the second half of the class after taking the professor’s permission). I thought I had enough accounting this week, so I decided to start my weekend earlier.

I looked at my watch, it was still early, 12 pm!

I am a good planner (I guess!), I don’t usually believe in “last minute plans” but this time I randomly just picked the first idea that popped into my head at that time. I remembered a quote I read few days ago says;

“We don’t always need a plan, sometimes we just want to trust, act, and see what will happen!” -Mandy Hale

Anyway ,,

The destination was Oxford Street -London

What am I going to do?

The only thing I knew was that I promised myself “no shopping”

I took a taxi from the school to the Station. The weather, I cannot describe how beautiful it was; sunny which is unusual in the UK specially in February, it is something worth celebrating 😀

I reached the station on time, paid the taxi, and asked the driver to keep the change for him, it was a little tiny amount of 10 p. The taxi’s driver thanked me and wished me safe trip, and before the train arrived, I run to take a cup of coffee.

At the coffee shop

I asked for a small latte

The guy handed me the cup: “Here you go, the total is £ 2.25”

I opened my wallet than I found out that I was short on cash, I only found £2.15

Me: “can I pay by card”

He was so nice he said: “it is okay just go and catch your train”

Me: are you sure?!

He: yes, don’t worry!

He waved goodbye and then he continued while I was about to leave, “take care” with a big smile 🙂 (he has beautiful blue eyes by the way)

I am sure he did not have any idea how he made me really happy

In the train

I chose my seat carefully by the window in the quite cabin, sipping my coffee and eating Galaxy chocolate. While I was setting, I preferred to be observer, meditate and enjoy the view instead of reading or doing some crochet. My brain was rewinding my day, it stopped at the scene where I was about to leave the taxi

The 10 p!!

Oh my God, I got my 10p back!!!

I asked the driver to keep the change and then the coffee shop guy allowed me to keep the remaining amount. It is still the same small tiny 10 p!

I wasn’t happy because of the fact that I got my money back, what surprised me though, was how the tiny 10 p flied to me back!!

Then I remembered the Billy Blnaks famous saying “if you give some, you get some, you don’t give you don’t get”

The imaginary 10p

Sometimes small things in your day, have the power to renew the hope in your heart and make you happy, and feel that you are hugged tightly by the mercy of God all the time. I learned from this little example that I should be a giver and insist of being a giver instead of a receiver.

This time, what I received was equal to what I gave. However, God is generous, the more you give the more blessings and happiness you will receive. Sometimes, we neglect the intangible blessings we got, but these intangible blessings that come in the form of smile, hug, or a word must always be appreciated and valued.

You are sad and someone has been sent to you to make you smile.

You are nervous, and someone came unexpectedly to tap on your shoulder to say hi.

You get a massage from old friend telling you how memorable and special you are while you were alone.

Indeed, I love receiving tangible things like gifts, but I value more being loved, respected, and understood.

In contrast, I might have said to myself

“If I didn’t ask the driver to keep the change, then I would be able to pay for my coffee the full amount and neither the driver nor I would be appreciating.”!

But this is how goodness fly from hand to hand. This what keep people bind together and always ready to help each other.

I learned not to regret any good I do and just expect to receive better than what I give.

Because I trust God

And, it is more important to know that It is not about nationality, religion, colour, or anything else, it is all about humanity.

There is a wisdom behind giving, you will know it once you decided to be a giver. Therefore, If God gave you the chance and the ability to be a helper one day, please do so, because what is waiting for you is way better than what you sacrificed.

God will reward you with blessings and with people who will help you and support you.


So, Billy Blanks is right!! 😉

You give some, you get some


I arrived to Liverpool Street Station and then to Oxford Station

I challenged myself to not buy anything and I won!!

I found a restaurant called Vapiano, I haven’t been there before. I am not that good with restaurants’ menus but I was lucky with my choice!

Then I went back home safely

Lesson learned from today 🙂

From my diary

Colchester, UK

21 Feb 2016


Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


Remember, If you wanna do it, do it now


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