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My Birthday Trip 2017

Get out of your comfortable bubble

Many people consider traveling as a source of happiness but they also believe in having a company. I learned that you can enjoy your own company, talk to people, smile and simply be happy and satisfied for being free bird. Don’t waste your time and the opportunities you have waiting for the things you don’t have. Start to reunite with the nature and discover the beautiful places on the earth.


“A year ago, everything was different. I wouldn’t have pictured myself like this, and now that I look back, I have realized that a year can do a lot to a person”.



Because life is not meant to be lived in one place, I will travel and continue explore the world. It is the time to reflect to realize that a year is enough to recreate a new person, or improve oneself

12 months passed since my previous birthday. Many things about my life and my personality have been changed.

But the place, the home, and the degree I’m studying are still the same. I keep saying I am not the same person anymore and talking about changing, but here I am not trying to show how bad I was, I am not expressing a self-hate, it rather refers to the improvements in my way of thinking.

Because of my mistakes, I am now smarter, because of the disappointment and the sadness I have experienced, I am now happier, because of my loneliness, I am fully independent, and because of the continues learning, I am improving.

It has been always said “life is short” but life is long enough to do what you want to do and explore what you want to explore if you know how to live it. 24 hours is enough to do your daily tasks if you make the best use of your time, but it is going to be short and fast if you let it slip through your fingers while you are being couch potato.

And because my happiness is my responsibility, I decided to celebrate my birthday on my way :).

29 of April

lucky me, it was Saturday

I went to Cambridge for the first time. I was hesitating to go to a new place, so as a plan B, I considered going to London since I am already familiar with it. But I did it anyway.

I remembered my goal that to explore as much as I could reach of the world


I didn’t plan for it that much, I just let my legs walked me there. As far as it is still early and there is people around me, I will be okay. I had a chance to have a company to Cambridge, but between me and myself I wished that he couldn’t make it. I wanted to entirely own the day. I didn’t want to please others and put myself worth and happiness on others hand specially that day.

In this day, I wanted to be alone because I am that kind of person who attempts to please everyone else but me and tries to respect their wishes and opinions against mine

 (well, I hope that was me in the past).

However, putting people’s desires above mine is wrong, not only today but all the time.

I wanted a time with myself to appreciate everything around me, everything I have, and appreciate the fact that I am still alive in a good health and beautiful place.

I bought birthday gift for myself, it is a camera (Sony A5100). I am so in love with this camera, I bought it because I want to enhance the quality of my pictures to use them for my blog posts.

Usually when I walk around, I don’t like to show that I am not from the place “A tourist” just to avoid those annoying advertisers, but this time I didn’t care, I hanged the camera and just walked. I took photo for every place that caught my eyes, I didn’t care that I was surrounded by people or anything as I used to be. I even tried to take some photos while I was waiting for my order at Starbucks and the lady asked me not to, for some reason it is not allowed to take photo at Starbucks!!

The weather was so nice as it was last year at the same time “my birthday”.

Cambridge is a beautiful place full of history, it inspires you to know more about the history of this beautiful city and the culture. There was a graduation ceremony, the city has two universities (Cambridge and kings) so, I don’t know which school it was.

First, I stopped by Starbucks for caramel Macchiato then I continued wondering with no direction.

I was totally happy and relaxed.


Here is some pictures of my trip

The benefit of traveling alone

I got the chance to be on my own and decide solely. It is a good experience to examine my capability to make decisions and good chance to focus on now and leave everything behind me because I am living in the NOW.

Traveling to unknown place got me out of my comfort zone which I really need from time to time. I need to challenge myself by doing new activities and exploring new adventurous. I live in my comfortable bubble and sometimes I find it difficult to get out of this bubble but once I did, I sense the beauty of life in every little thing around me, and I realize how fascinating the world outside my bubble.

Financially, it was better to travel by myself, I had the full control over my budget, what to do, what to buy, and where to eat. No one there to judge my choice and I didn’t find myself doing something I don’t like to please others. And this time the only person I was obligated to make her happy was meJ :).

Lessons learned

I realized it is not that difficult to travel alone and discover the world. It is even better sometimes to learn how to be independent. I also noticed that when I travelled with friends for several time in the past, I tended not to pay attention to the directions because part of me knew that if I got lost, I wouldn’t be alone !!

Travelling alone is a chance to think about yourself and discover some parts of your personality that you don’t know about, for example how to control your fear or panic in case you got lost or you were approached by a drunk!

For me, one of the decision I made is that I need to take some course in self- defence! Yup!

I want to learn how to be fast responsive and not to play dead in case something happened – hope not! 😀

Life will pass through your fingers before you even know, so why sacrificing what you have for the ones that you don’t have yet. You spend your life waiting and postponing living your life, use what you have now, enjoy your life. This will bring you more of what you want, more joy and abundance.


Don’t be afraid to travel alone because you are a girl. Something we all as ladies need to realize that no one knows what worries or fears we have in our minds, people around us don’t know if we were feeling unsecured, because they only see the independent lady who shakes the ground beneath her when she walks

Yes you will find yourself sometimes noticed by others like when that young lady approached me to ask about my boots and that guy who scanned me from my head to toe, but nothing wrong or scary in that, let nice people approach you!. Face it, you will be noticed, who cares!

Walk with head high forget about the surroundings and let your eyes see the details of the objects around you. And don’t forget to breathe deeply, open your chest widely for the air, and get rid of all negativities, worries and fears with each exhale.

And when you walk, just live the moment, don’t plan the future, don’t review the past just live the moment.

I guarantee you once you come back home, you will be so proud of yourself just because you made it. And that would encourage you to do it again and again. Solo traveling, will push you to your limit to cope with all challenges you may face later.

As I always affirm myself by telling myself at any challenge or new experience “ Nada, because you did it in ‘X’ successfully, you will achieve the same success in ‘Y’, just do it”

Another beautiful day

From my diary

30 April 2017


Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


Remember, If you wanna do it, do it now

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