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A Trip to Chelmsford

Traveling is like taking a journey into your soul 


I thought about spending this weekend discovering new places, the choice was made on Chelmsford!

Chelmsford is the only city in the county of Essex, it is in the East of England.


In the train to Chelmsford, I chose the first aisle seat that was front of me, and because the trip usually takes only 20 minutes, I didn’t care about the seat too much. I was listening to Les Brown, one of his motivational speech when I came to the decision that I wanted to turn the headphone off and just relish the view from the window.


I am currently reading Helen Keller’s life story. I am fascinated by the way she describes the life.  I am still in chapter six spending a great time traveling between the pages and living the life she drew in her imagination.  I am astonished how such a deaf and blind person can portray the life the way she does!

As I said, I haven’t finished the book yet, so I am not ready to give a full review about it, but anyway this is my first impression. I compared her description of life to other books I read and I found that none of the authors I read for has described the environment and the life in general as she did. She values the beauty of life more than any sighted person.

while I was in the train I recalled that book, I attempted to apply Helen Keller technique. With all my consciousness, I tried to build a sense of belonging by realizing that I am part of this mother nature. I flied in my imagination as Helen did.


From the big window, I was floating on the cloud

I saw cloud on cloud

I saw a thick chain of heavy and fluffy clouds

I saw big clouds floating on the sky taking the majority of the space, leaving a little from the blue sky. I searched for the sun, I couldn’t see it through the clouds, but I knew it was there spreading the light shyly as if it was from the clouds.

The clouds were white like snow, bright with grey edges.

They were a way down low, so close to me, I felt like they were within my reach.

The train was fast but they were moving at the same speed.

I was seeing them as if I have never seen clouds before.

The green colour of the land together with the blue sky have created a magnificent combination of colours


Blue, white, and green

What a wonderful world!


From the window, I saw children in the sky play circle games, others play Hula Hoop. I saw lots of hope, smiles, and happiness.

And I was smiling back to the sky!


On my left side, four old women, full of life, laughing, chatting, and eating. Their table were covered by snacks and drinks. They looked like old friends, not relatives!

From the wrinkles around their eyes that popped up each time they giggled, I could see how happy they were.


10:24 am

The train arrived at Chelmsford

I left the train to get lost in a new place 🙂

Oh ya,,

One of the thing that caught my attention is that Chelmsford has indoor mall!!, which I haven’t seen before in the cites I visited in UK so far.


4:09 pm I was at home

It was a lovely day

Thank you Allah for all blessings you gave me and you are giving me

And forgive me if I didn’t tank you enough.  

Saturday, 22 July 2017



If you wanna do it, do it now

welcome to my world

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