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Her Place Never Changed

Her place never changed !

She is setting there where anyone can run to her, when their life fall apart, when they lose control over situations. She is setting there ready to listen to anyone.

Her place never changed.

She is always there listening to people venting their frustration, their own fears, worries, and concerns.

Her place never changed

Her life experience doesn’t matter, she can get involved in any aspects of life even those which she hasn’t been through before

Love, marriage, parenthood, school, job …..

Her skill as a solicitous is enough to be sought.

Her wisdom her calmness, and the peace in her soft smile are clear as crystal to even those who just met her.

She has lots of disappointments in her life, but that body with a broken heart can still be strong enough to carry other’s pain.

She is so supportive.

If she could, she would be eager to give suggestions and opinions, or sometimes the only thing she can do is just sacrificing her attention and time to make them feel better.


One of the biggest lesson she learnt from life, is to never expect too much from others. So, she just plants her seeds in life with a strong faith that they will come back in bountifulness.

The obstacles the hurt might have changed her expectation of life, but it didn’t change her role as a helper. Every time she meets new people who don’t know here, yet they open their heart to throw what strangles their throats.

I am pondering!

She never had the chance to talk, to tell about the secret beyond that conservativeness. Her place never changed, her tongue never spoke, and her smile never faded away. The smile is a good measurement tool to tell what kind of feeling a person has, and behind every beautiful thing like a smile tons of unspoken words.

People ask her if she is alright, she replies yes but she is not. She wants to look strong so she can keep listening, keep supporting and keep being compassionate.


But she forgot that she is a human being!

She forgot that she is putting metal cuffs around her ankles so she cannot run or move.

She forgot that she needs to fly high in the sky and between the clouds she loves, not to be imprisoned by other’s worries and fears.

She forgot that she is a human being who also need to be supported.


My destiny takes me from place to place, every place has its ups and downs, no matter how long or short, I know when I need her I will find her there, and I did!

Because her place never changed




Welcome to my world


Remember, if you wanna do it, do it now

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