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So, this is how we as introverts are jugged!!

There is always enclosed story behind every person, keep calm and discover the hidden qualities 🙂 

This is an example on how the public are still underestimating preserved people by relating their quietness with weakness or lake of knowledge.

I had an interesting conversation with one of my colleagues in the PhD program, the topic was interesting however, what is more interesting is the fact that he got shocked when he realized how talkative I was 😀

After the conversation I felt bad, I sensed the urge to change my attitude and be more extrovert, but then I discerned that it is better that people expect from me less than what I can do.

I kind of like the surprising shock that people get when they discover how deep I am J

And lets face it, whatever I do, I will not shut people’s assumption up about me, so I should rather be caring more about attracting people who can feel the potential in me even without meeting their eyes



He is one of PhD students I do respect, I enjoyed that chat with him, I will call him K.M



K.M “commenting on one of my WhatsApp’s status”:

Planning freak  lol


It is a disease, too bad ;(


 Are you sure this is your nature? Or because of the personal development books that you have read


Well, it’s a good question

Since I was a teenager, I don’t like last minutes’ plans, I was more flexible then now though but as I’m getting more educated, older with more responsibilities …. Etc the process became more organized.

And yes, I think the books I read influenced me allllllot

These books are like explanations of why I am doing what I have been doing.


Do you wanna more challenging questions or you don’t want to get a headache lol


Bring it up,

Me waiting…..:

Where is the challenge?!!


When were you happier, is it before or after reading the personal development books?

You don’t need to answer now, you just need to think.


Okay (laughing) its funny

Let me think, though I have an answer 😀


Take your days lol


See, I am happier now coz I know myself better. I can understand why I am doing certain behaviours and I knew what type of person I am, so, I am happier because I knew how to treat myself.

BUT the downside is that, these books created a HUGE gap between me and the surroundings that includes people.

There are some phenomena I wished I didn’t know about. I became wiser but that affected me negatively in terms of relationships.

I am isolated because of the way I think and the things I believe in.

I wish I didn’t get that knowledgeable “honestly” to be able to get lost within my people, culture ….. etc and to live a normal life and have normal dreams.

So, I don’t have a single answer to your question, I would say I am happier now!, but that comes with downsides.

But I don’t care 😀

By the way, I don’t read these books to teach people, it is for me. But people sometimes “most of the time” find me strange, they have problem with my life style. lol

Me ( ironically describing my answer):

 Essay! 😀



Did these books truly help you to understand yourself (or) to understand the personality that you want to become.

He then continued sarcastically:

Now live your life in answering this question lol 😀


Yes it did.

I used to be in a race with the norms and other culture stuff, I thought something wrong with me. I was looking for public acceptance and in order to achieve this, I used to force myself to be more social and do lots of things that are described as “normal behaviours” to get approved. (for example)!!

I didn’t know why I got irritated sometimes, or why I habitually got board after spending certain time among people (for example)

That was before I knew that there are different types of personalities and I am not that sociable person.

Then I started to feel comfortable in my own skin, and believe that nothing wrong with being quiet!, and nothing wrong in choosing to spend some quality time alone!!

Sorry for the long replies. Maybe you are looking for yes or no answers but. You should be used to that by now after the data collection stage. lol

You should convert this conversation into a case study, it would be more interesting then accounting. 😀


lol…. Wow that’s an essay


I write more then I talk 😀


Third question; isn’t becoming an addiction to read Personal development books?


Didn’t you get enough answers!! Lol, okay, I’ll answer


Not really

Actually, I think I am ready to publish a book in personal development because I have had enough information.

Back to your question, If you read to teach people then it has to be an addiction because it is your job (I don’t agree with that mind-set anyway)

But if you read for yourself then once you get what you need, you would rather stop or your interest toward personal development books would decline. You will find them repeated.

For me it is time to apply, yes, I still read them but just as a reminder or when I am feeling down and need some support (sometimes you need to get the support within you)

This is not the only type of books I read by the way, I am interested in poems, essays collection, and biographies to improve my writing skills and to learn some life lessons. And they also contain some sort of personal development.


Hahahahaha you shocked me


Hahahahaha why did I shock you?!

I continued (it was a jock):

Don’t use my answers in your research till you get my permission. ;P lol


I am shocked because I never thought you can write that much. In the real life, you are more as a listener, however in typing (super talkative) hahahaha

I am joking 😀


I told you, I don’t talk, I write 😀

That’s true you can call me listener, observer kind of




Indeed, that’s good

Brevity is the soul of wit


Anyways I like the questions you asked. I might write a post in my blog J





Then we carried on different topics.




From my diary

21 Aug. 2017


Welcome to my world


Remember, if you wanna do it, do it now

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