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If she closed her mouth now, she would close it forever

People get better at the things they practice often


In the park


She ordered her daughter to go and stand there beside the huge tree with yellowish leaves spreading on the land.

Not far from her but in a certain distance that allows her to take a photo of this little girl.

“Mom look lots of leaves everywhere, oh poor dying leaves”

The mom’s voice:

Stand straight

look at me,

Stay still

Don’t move


Close your mouth !!!!!!

And that was the last thing she said before she took the photo


She has such a pretty messy smile

Crocked teeth and gaps present the elegance of the childhood innocence

When she smiles, her eyes smile too.

She spreads purity, purity everywhere

Calmness, peace, warmness, surrounding her little body

She is so happy, proud that her mom is taking a picture of her.

Her raw mind repeats

“I am secured, safe because mom is here, the first and the most important cheerleader of me”

Before she pressed the shutter button, THAT mom asked her innocent daughter to close her mouth!!

And the poor girl did so!

She didn’t know why!!

But she knew that she must do so to cover something she has no clue what that thing was.

And with her limited knowledge, she was thinking ……..

“Is it a fly coming cross my mouth, maybe” !!

“Oh! or maybe the camera doesn’t work when people open their mouths!!”

Yet for sure the little angle knows that THAT woman –who 8 years ago has been honoured to be called mom – wanted to protect her from unknown thing!


She knows that she is beautiful in that mom’s eyes

The eyes that this little girl trust the most, the eyes that are her window to her small world.


Strong believes

My mom is taking a picture of me, I definitely have the most beautiful messy smile and my mom adores it.

My mom doesn’t want anybody to laugh at me, so she is making sure that I’m looking good on the camera’s screen.

My mom is not ashamed of me!!


But it slipped that mom’s mind that if this little angle closed her mouth now, she would close it forever!!

She didn’t realise that people get better at the things they practice often. If they practice hiding, they became excellent at it!

If she hides her smile, she would continue the rest of her life hiding her smile.

Fear fear fear everywhere.

Fear of smiling

Fear of talking

Fear of dancing

Fear of people

Fear of criticism

Fear of living

She would be a victim of negative thoughts

That mom doesn’t know that she is leaving a scare that will expend as her small body grows

And when she realises that pain in the age of 27, she would need 27 years more to heal that scare.

The skin would never never get back to its original condition after burning!!

At the age of 27, what power on earth could take her back to 8 years old under that tree with yellowish leave spreading beneath the tree to tell her you are


You are beautiful, don’t worry, don’t think about what people think of you, who cares, I am your mom who loves you and will always be with you.

I love your smile even if nobody does.

I’m here honey, don’t be afraid, I’m always in the back of you, supporting you

Do you know that you are the prettiest thing happened to me in my life?

Smile widely, show the world the purity of your soul, spread the happiness, people need smiles like yours to lighten their dark nights. People need to hear your giggles to ease their worries.

Don’t hide your teeth, don’t hide any part of your immaculate body because you are complete.


But at the age of 27, these are just random imaginations of broken heart.

Who would make up for her lost childhood.

It is not an easy task repairing an adult



On the other side

A proud mother with her little girl

The girl: mom pleasssssse wait don’t take the picture until I told you, okay, I wanna fix my hair

Mom: you are gorgeous sweet heart.

The girl: do I look good?!

Mom: You are fine just stay still so I can take the photo dear

Mom: 1 2 3 cheese .. (shutter sound) WOW

The girl: how is it, can I see it let me see let me see pleasssssse… Nooo I don’t like it, my hair looks funny, my teeth are missing!.

(She covered her mouth by her adorable small hand)

Mom: your hair is soooo beautiful, see how it flows on your forehead! Looks fabulous. Look at your smile, so shiny, OMG you are a small star with huge light

The girl: really!

Mom: 100% come here, let me take another photo for you, lets go there.


They were jumping from one place into another, every time the girl criticise herself, her mom defends her with lots of admirations and compliments, confirm her beauty.

As if the girl was enjoying the role that the mom was playing.


Happy girl and proud mom

A mom who dedicate her day to please her little treasury

A day she assigned to honour the God’s gift to her,

Each time she compliments her little angle, she is thanking God as well for that blessing

I sew a girl who knows that she is special, acts like an angel, a princess, no a queen

Protected, safe, secured, and loved


This mom is building a human being, promising to give the world a strong person that cannot be broken easily.

That mom is destroying and creating a fragile person, she is stealing from this innocent little girl her future her smile and her happiness.

31 Oct. 2017


Welcome to me world


Remember! If you wanna do it, do it now

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