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I know that voice!

Words are familiar to me!


Stealing my voice to be like me

And my words to copy me

Great, wonderful, happy for you, you will be fine and your dreams will come true soon, be optimistic, don’t lose your faith, tomorrow will defiantly be better,

Words I iterate over and over to see you the happiest, the luckiest and the most beautiful

Squeezing my heart like a lemon to nourish your life with lots of hope

Pouring you with cheerfulness

Painting your life with beautiful colours


Echo …

its my voice, my words through you

Oh are you listening to me !!

Effort appreciated

I can’t open my heart

I can’t dust my shoulders

Listening and talking are skills

I am excellent at the first but not at the second

No worries, effort appreciated

It is not your fault

But don’t use my words, don’t copy me.

Don’t be my voice echo to love me back, to care about me

Reflect your heart and only your heart, not mine

Don’t wear my jacket, it is too tight on you

Do you know what could be a skill!!

To give

To offer

To listen

To take

To talk

To drain yourself emotionally

These are skills

I accept you as you are

I can’t be as talkative as you are

You can’t be as listener as I am

Lets admit it and move on !

Whisper in your ear “you are stronger then me”

Now tell me, how was your day 🙂

13 Nov. 2107


Welcome to my world


Remember, if you wanna do it, do it now

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