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My First Airbnb Experience

In Sunday afternoon 18 of Feb. after cleaning my lovely home, I set on the sofa to relax then I realized that it has been a while since I have done something exciting ( probably two weeks 🙂 ). Last week was one of the most stressful weeks for me, I needed to do some adventurous and funny, I remembered that I have heard about Airbnb experiences, as soon as I got the idea, I went to check what experiences are available for next weekend.

I found a lot but the one that was available in London for next weekend was “ Learn Modern Calligraphy by Alice. It sounds interesting to me! And the good thing is that I buy the last spot left in that date yay.

On Friday Feb 23, I went to London, the workshop was held in a building next to Liverpool Street Station, the place is so lovely and vintage.

I prepared myself to have fun and live new experience, what is even more exciting is meeting new people. Alice –the instructor- is such a nice person I like her style.

I also met nice ladies from London and from towns around Colchester, we were setting on a circle table, we chat, laugh while practicing calligraphy. Some of them I can tell that they were really good at calligraphy which made me think that they already had practiced before.

We complimented each other’s work, ironically, we all recognised each other’s talent but none of us admired her work and realized how good she is!! I guess it’s normal that we are harsher on ourselves then others to us 🙂

I could manage to forget all of my study’s responsibilities to indulge the moment until one of the ladies asked me what I do in life, then I had to remember that I am a PhD student who was escaping to have some me time, as I remembered, I was the only student in the group.

One of the questions that was circulated among us is the reason that brought us to this workshop, one of the lady wanted to write her sister’s wedding invitations, other wanted to do it as one of the things she wants to do before she left the world, we all laughed at that answer :).

And my answer was to do something I have never done before and meet new people!

*Words for song*

One of the best thing I got out of this experience is that one lady her name is Maisie has inspired me to do something very meaningful and nice to the world !

Her idea is basically spreading love, courage, and inspiration. Her idea is very simple, writing cards to strangers and leave each card in somewhere, train station, restaurant….etc

I fall in love with her idea and wanted to share her passion, and this is going to be one of the projects I want to do in 2018.

Maisie inspired me and when I contacted her asking her about the idea in details and if I can do the same, she was very happy, she encouraged me to do the same 🙂 So, I ordered a pack of lovely cards and costumed stamp, and I am ready to start in April 2018 *-*


Anyway, it was such a lovely day for other reason too 😉


Here is some photos



Welcome to my world


If you wanna do it, do it now

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