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New Me / Gluten – Free

” Nothing tastes as good as Gluten -Free feels”

I have been suffering from different health issues since I was a teenager, this includes; permanent anaemia, unpleasant digestive symptoms, shortness of breath which used to lead me sometimes to cry frustratingly, tiredness, and daily discomfort. I have been given a verity of explanations from several doctors of why I was feeling this way. Most of them suggested that the deficiency of the redcells was behind these symptoms and I need to eat healthy food that consists vegetable and fruits!

For a limited extent, this explanation sounds logical but still no one answered me why with all of the supplements i used to take, I hardly noticed improvements?

But with my lack of knowledge back then, I had no option but to take it as it is!

Year after year without knowing what my problem was, until 2018 when I decided to give Keto Diet a try.

I was one day looking for a diet, my inclination is not to find a way to lose weight, rather it was to make my weekly meal prep process easier, then I found Keto diet. I read and saw a documentary about it, I like what I found.

Basically, the idea of Keto is based on eliminating the consumed carbs in a daily basis, and get the energy from fat instead, it has been claimed that this will improve the body’s health as well as the mood.

Anyway, I am not get into more details about Keto here. I made my decision, and 1stof June 2018 was the date.

The hardest part is when I realized that I must stop eating CHOCOLATE! But what helps me here is when I knew the number of calories and CARBs in just four fingers of Kit Kat,it was shocking to me, especially that sometimes one pack ofKit Katwas not enough to me, I used to eat 2-3 packs a day!!

The first two weeks were the hardest but after that my brain kind of started to realize that I can survive without chocolate. And after a month I could defiantly clean my blood from the sugar which as a result reduce the sugar craving.


Anyway, go back to gluten!

How did i get to the point of going gluten free?

I was talking to one of my friend about how my health and my whole life have changed positively after Keto, I remember he said to me “ maybe you don’t have problem with carbs in general, maybe it is just the gluten that bothers you” !!

That rings a bell but because I was making a huge progress and was enjoying the positive changes I was making, I told him

“ Well, you are probably right however, I’m totally fine so far without bread! , once I decided to add more carbs to my diet, I’ll consider non-gluten products and see.


After three months, I thought about giving non- gluten food a try and see how my body would react. I started with gluten free pasta, I love it, it was very light on my stomach.

Since then, I started to add some more carbs in my diet, gluten free pasta, breads, snacks…etc. However, I only eat carbs once or twice a week.

After this experiment, I can happily declare that I am a Gluten-Free person 🙂

I am thankful that io finally discover what has been causing all the symptoms I used to have.

From this experience “Keto Diet”, I have learned more about my body and the food. I am convinced that any symptoms we may get is mostly related to what we feed our bodies we need to listen closely to our bodies. I am not a doctor though, I am just talking from my own experience which no doctor from those who I have seen told me about.

One of the good things I gained is that cooking became interesting. Jlearning and reading about ingredients became my new interest.

I am still searching to improve my knowledge about gluten free world. When it comes to cooking, it is not easy to get the same results as with wheats but things need sometimes and I am willing to make it work JIt is a lifelong change therefore, i want to make it as enjoyable as it could be.

I am writing this after 8 months of Gluten free, I no longer experience a bread craving!

In the next few days, I will start to bake and make homemade bread, in the picture is gluten-free “ Carrot and Cinnamon Cake”





Stay tuned for more recipes.


2019 was awesome 🙂

Welcome to my world

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